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Intro Class - Get to know your way around PACT. At this FREE class you will begin to plan your show, which will air on TV!

Camcorder Class - Learn the ins and outs of running high-quality camcorders and also learn lighting techniques.

Editing Beginning/Advanced - Edit your video on our state-of-the-art equipment.

We have our basic editor that allows for simple graphics and our Toaster system where you can learn to zip graphics in and out of your project.

Digital Editing - Choose either our I-Movie computer digital editing or for a truly industry-standard experience, take our Final Cut Pro classes. Learn how to do it just like the pros!

Studio Production - Learn the basics of in-house productions with instruction on studio cameras, switchers, lighting, audio and directing.

Please note that pre-registration and pre-payment is required on all classes (visit 328 City Hall or call 723-3686 for details).

All classes begin at 5:30 pm.

*Intro Class is FREE. It is a required prerequisite for all other classes.


- Come in and check out our New DVD Cameras & Equipment!





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